Blender Appreciation Poster

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Updated: 2018-09-02
Anything, including title, slogan, text, graphics, element placements have not been fully decided.
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  • Make a render of your sculpt in 1 hour
  • Theme: "What Blender means to you?"
  • Minimum size 1024x1024, maximum 1920x1080
  • Use materials, hair, particles, anything goes
  • Feel free to draw a sketch before starting
  • Your name will be added to the poster next to your image
  • Your website/company name etc. will be added to the gallery section of this website
  • Record a video of the sculpt making-of (Optional, but would be fun :)
  • That will be added to the gallery of this website as well
  • Send the final image as .jpg or .png as an attachment to:
  • Add your name and website/twitter/company to the e-mail
  • Add a link to the YouTube video of your making-of to the e-mail as well
  • I'll add the sculpt to the poster as soon as I get it
  • Keep checking this page for the poster development


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Gleb Alexandrov
Lenoq Alexandrova