Blender Appreciation Rockets

Inspired by Blender 2.8 Code Quest, let's appreciate Blender by filling this page with any kind of rockets!

  • Use any software you want
  • If you use Blender, you can use this template
  • The final render needs to be a SQUARE (otherwise it will get stretched)
  • Filename: your_name.png (or .jpg)
  • Please include your name to the image as well
  • Send it to - It gets added to this page
  • Appreciate Blender even more by donating 5 dollars per month or more to Blender Development Fund or get a Blender Cloud subscription.

    Other info:
  • The images are listed in alphabetical order by the artist's name
  • Especially people who have never used Blender before should participate! :)
  • Aim is to get 100 or even more people to participate to this project! (hehe, what a mess it'll be)
  • History of this project. It was a poster before. Thank you all who participated!